Select by LRS Reference

Title Select by LRS Reference


Updates the selection for one or more lrs event table views or feature classes based on selected rows form an ATIS intersection (int) table.


  • The ATIS intersection table must be a table view having a selection set. The intersection table cannot be a table or feature class.

  • The lrs event tables must be a table view or layer having OnRoad string field and SwTerm and/or NeTerm string fields. The selection will be updated to select rows having OnRoads, SwTerm, and NeTerm values matching selected intersections in the int table.


Select_by_LRS_Ref (input_IntTable, input_lrstables)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_IntTable Dialog Reference

The ATIS intersection table. This must be a table view with a selection or the following error message will be output to the geoprocessing results: "The GPTableView has no selection".

Table View
input_lrstables Dialog Reference

One or more lrs based event layers or table views to which the selection will be applied.

Multiple Value

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