Redact Routes

Title Redact Routes


Removes portions of route features based on the shape and lrs definition of polyline features in another feature class or layer and outputs the results to a new feature class.


  • If the route features are from a layer having a selection set, only the selected features will be used.

  • If the redacting rows are from a layer or table view having a selection set, only the selected rows will be used.


Redact_Routes (input_route_features, input_route_features_routeid_field, input_redaction_features, input_redaction_feature_event_table_properties, output_route_features)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_route_features Dialog Reference

The route feature class or layer to be redacted.

Feature Layer
input_route_features_routeid_field Dialog Reference

The field containing values that uniquely identify each route.

This must be a string field.

input_redaction_features Dialog Reference

The rows from a table, table view, feature class, or layer whose route location fields describe the portions to be removed.

Table View
input_redaction_feature_event_table_properties Dialog Reference

Parameter consisting of the route location fields for the redacting row. This must be set as a line event type.

  • Route Identifier Field - The field containing the values indicating which route each event is along.

  • Event Type - The type of events that the table contains.

  • From-Measure Field - The field containing the from-measure value.

  • To-Measure Field - The field containing the to-measure field.

Route Measure Event Properties
output_route_features Dialog Reference

The output feature class that will be created.

Feature Class

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