Reorient and Measure Routes

Title Reorient and Measure Routes


Reorients and measures a route using the algorithm contained in the 'Generate Routes' utility of the LRS Advanced Utilities.


  • If the input route features is a feature layer with a selection set, only the selected features will be processed.

  • The utility reorients and remeasures the input routes using the algorithm contained in the "Generate Routes' utility. However, the results may not always match routes built usint the LRS Advanced utility. For example, roads with loops may have a different starting point or and may rotate in the opposite direction. Other routes with many parts have also shown different results.

  • The routes are reoriented using lower left corner of the routes envelope.

  • The output measure units will be miles.

  • Spatial gaps will not be ignored.

  • The routes will not be reoriented for positive offsets (the same as having the checkbox unchecked in 'Generate Routes').

  • The routes will be made to be topologically correct (the same as having teh checkbox checked in 'Generate Routes').

  • The output spatial reference will be the same as the input spatial reference unless the output feature class is created in a feature dataset.

  • The output coordinate system must be a projected coordinate system.


ReorientRouteParts (input_route_features, output_route_features)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_route_features Dialog Reference

The input route features to be reoriented and measured.

Feature Layer
output_route_features Dialog Reference

The output route features.

Feature Class

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