Make Finite LRS Events

Title Make Finite LRS Events


Breaks lrs events into smaller events such that no event overlaps any other event. The schema for the output table will only contain the lrs event fields.


  • If the input rows are from a standalone table or layer having a selection set, only the selected rows will be used.


Make_Finite_Lrs_Events (input_rows, input_event_table_properties, output_table)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_rows Dialog Reference

The rows from a table, table view, feature class or layer having lrs event fields to be divided into non-overlapping events.

Table View
input_event_table_properties Dialog Reference

Parameter consisting of the route location fields to be used during the dissolve and write features to the output feature class.

  • Route Identifier Field - The field containing the values indicating which route each event is along.

  • Event Type - The type of events the input table contains. This must be set to line or the tool will display an error.

  • From-Measure Field - The field containing the from-measure value.

  • To-Measure Field - The field containing the to-measure value.

Route Measure Event Properties
output_table Dialog Reference

The table that will be created and populated with non-overlapping lrs events.


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