Intersect Line Based Polygons with LRS Events

Title Intersect Line Based Polygons with LRS Events


Splits polygons based on measure values from a table of linear route events. Any resulting polygons whose measure range is contained within the route event measure range are written to the output feature class. The polygons must have m-enabled geometries and a route identifier attribute field.

The output schema will contain the following attribute fields:

  • InputID: The OID of the polygon feature that this polygon was split from.

  • EventID: The OID of the linear route event used to cut the polygon.

  • Route Event Fields: The Overlay Event Table Properties RouteID, From-Measure, and To-Measure fields. The measure fields will be populated with the min/max measures obtained from the polygon.

  • Others: Any editable field from the input polygon feature class whose name doesn't conflict with a route event field.


  • If the input polygons features are from a layer having a selection set, only the selected features will be used.

  • If the overlay table rows are from a standalone table or layer having a selection set , only the selected rows will be used.

  • Only linear route events are supported.

  • A polygon will only be cut when exactly 2 points on the polygon boundary have a measure value equal to the cutting measure.

  • The measures are rounded to 4 decimals before testing if they are contained within the limits of the route event measures.

  • The tool creates indexes on the InputID and EventID output fields.


IntersectLineBasedPolygonsWithLrsEvents (in_features, in_features_routeid_field, overlay_table, overlay_event_properties, out_features)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
in_features Dialog Reference

The polygon features from a feature class or layer that will be cut into smaller polygons by overlaying them with the route event rows in the overlay table. The polygon shapes must be m-enabled and must have an attribute field storing a route identifier value for the polygon.

Table View
in_features_routeid_field Dialog Reference

The field containing values indicating which route the polygon is associated with.

overlay_table Dialog Reference

The rows from a table, table view, feature class, or layer having route event fields describing where the polygon shapes should be split.

Table View
overlay_event_properties Dialog Reference

Parameter consisting of the route location fields to be used to split the input polygons.

  • Route Identifier Field - The field containing the values indicating which route the event is along.

  • Event Type - The type of events the table contains. This must be set to line or the tool will display an error.

  • From-Measure Field - The field containing the from-measure value.

  • To-Measure Field - The field containing the to-measure value.

Route Measure Event Properties
out_features Dialog Reference

The feature class that will be created and populated with split polygons.

Feature Class

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