Interpolate/Extrapolate Z-Coordinates

Title Interpolate/Extrapolate Z-Coordinates


Calculates 0 or NaN Z values by extrapolation/interpolation for polylines.


  • If the input polyline features is a layer having a selection set, only the selected features are used.

  • The tool will attempt to extrapolate/interpolate Z values for vertices having Z values of 0 or NaN.

  • The tool will set Z values to 0 if they cannot be calculated by extrapolation/interpolation.

  • This tool modifies the input data. If you do not wish to permanently modify your data, you should export the data to another feature class and execute this tool on the copy.


Populate_Missing_ZCoordinates (input_polylinefeatures)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_polylinefeatures Dialog Reference

The polyline features from a feature class or layer whose Z values will be updated.

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