Flag Bifurcating Polyline Features

Title Flag Bifurcating Polyline Features


Evaluates polyline features to determine if they bifurcate and stores the results in a user specified field. This utility expects that intersecting parts of a polyline only intersect at their endpoints.


  • If the input features are from a layer having a selection set, only the selected features will be used.

  • The flag field will be set to a value of 1 (true) if the features geometry has bifurcations or 0 (false) if the geometry does not bifurcate.


Flag_Bifurcating_Polylines (input_features, input_route_features_bifurcation_flag_field)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_features Dialog Reference

The feature class or layer that will be evaluated for bifurcations. The features must have polyline geometry.

Feature Layer
input_route_features_bifurcation_flag_field Dialog Reference

The field that will be updated to describe if the features geometry bifurcates. The field must be a short or long integer. The field will be populated with a value of 1 if the geometry bifurcates and 0 if it doesn't.


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