Calculate Nearest Marker Field

Title Calculate Nearest Marker Field


Calculates a string describing the nearest marker and offset of a route event from a set of ATIS lrs tables and stores the value in a specified field. For example, enter a00 if the lrs tables are named a00int, a00lut, and a00kmr.


  • If the input features are from a layer or table view having a selection set, only the selected features will be used.

  • For polylines, nearest marker fields can be populated for both from and to measures by executing the tool twice. Specify the from measure and its nearest marker field in one run, and the to measure and its nearest marker field in the second run.

  • The nearest marker field will be set to null when the nearest marker cannot be located. This can occur on routes which do not have markers.

  • The ATIS lrs tables can created from utilities contained in the LRS Advanced Toolset.


Calculate_Nearest_Marker_Field (input_features, input_features_route_field, input_features_from_measure_field, input_features_nearest_marker_field, input_lrs_workspace, input_lrs_tablename_prefix)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_features Dialog Reference

The input table, feature class, or layer to be updated.

Table View
input_features_route_field Dialog Reference

The field describing which route the event is along.

This must be a string field.

input_features_from_measure_field Dialog Reference

The field describing the measure along the route that the event occurs.

This must be a double field.

input_features_nearest_marker_field Dialog Reference

The field to be updated with a string describing the nearest marker of the event defined by the route identifier and from measure fields.

This must be a string field.

input_lrs_workspace Dialog Reference

The workspace where the ATIS lrs tables are stored. The lrs tables are a trio of tables consisting of an intersection (int), lookup (lut), and range (kmr) tables, as well as a marker table. The marker tablename is hardcoded to be a00m.

input_lrs_tablename_prefix Dialog Reference

The tablename prefix for the ATIS lrs tables. A valid trio of tables will have the same name prefix and will only differ by the name suffix (int, lut, and kmr).


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