Bifurcated Route Solver

Title Bifurcated Route Solver


Evaluates route features for bifurcations and attempts to remove the bifurcation by breaking the route into multiple sub-routes, each having a unique route identifier.

This utility creates 3 output feature classes:

  • Point feature class of the locations where bifurcations exist,

  • Polyline feature class of the route parts (paths) participating in a bifurcation,

  • Route feature class (PolylineM) of non-bifurcating routes.


  • If the input route features are from a layer having a selection set, only the selected features will be used.

  • The output non-bifurcating route feature class may still have bifurcations. The output route feature class contains a field named 'Bifurcated' that describes if the output route still bifurcates.

  • When a bifurcating route is processed, the output routes will each be given a unique route identifier.

  • If any of the output feature classes exist, they will be deleted and a new feature class will be created to store the output.


Bifurcated_Route_Solver (input_route_features, input_route_features_routeid_field, output_point_features, output_route_part_features, output_route_features)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_route_features Dialog Reference

The feature class or layer of routes that will be evaluated for bifurcations. These features must have a PolylineM geometry.

Feature Layer
input_route_features_routeid_field Dialog Reference

The field in the input route feature class or layer that contains the route identifier. This field must be a string data type.

output_point_features Dialog Reference

The output point feature class that describes the locations where the input routes bifurcate.

Feature Class
output_route_part_features Dialog Reference

The ouput polyline feature class that describes the input route parts participating in a bifurcation.

Feature Class
output_route_features Dialog Reference

The output route feature class containing the non-bifurcating routes.

Feature Class

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Bifurcate, Route


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