Add Features to Connect Proximal Features

Title Add Features to Connect Proximal Features


Adds new features to a polyline feature class or layer to connect existing features sharing a common set of attribute values and whose endpoints are within a specified distance from each other.


  • If the features are from a layer having a selection set, only the selected features will be used.


Connect_Proximal_Features (input_features, input_max_connecting_distance, {input_grouping_fields})

Parameter Explanation Data Type
input_features Dialog Reference

The polyline feature class or layer to which new features will be added to connect existing features.

Table View
input_max_connecting_distance Dialog Reference

The maximum allowable length of a new polyline feature connecting two existing features. The length units are the coordinate units of the input features spatial reference.

input_grouping_fields (Optional) Dialog Reference

The list of fields that is considered when determining which features share the same attribute values. As connecting features are added, these fields are populated with the attribute values of the features they are connecting.

Multiple Value

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